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To get you the lowest Flood Insurance rate, we offer two policy types.


FEMA Policies through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)


Private Policies written through A-rated insurance carriers.


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FEMA Policies

  • NFIP sets policy coverages & rates
  • Available for all Flood Zones
  • A & V Zone prices are rising
  • Elevation Certificate often needed
  • 30 day wait for coverage after payment
  • No wait for mortgage closings
  • Accepted by all Lenders

Private Policies

  • Same or better coverage than NFIP
  • For Zones starting with A or V
  • Prices usually lower than FEMA
  • No Elevation Certificate required
  • 14 day wait for coverage after payment
  • No wait for mortgage closings
  • Accepted by the largest lenders


The lowest priced policy is influenced by the Flood Zone of your building:

Zones A & V
(Highest Risk)
Private policy might be better price for the same coverage
FEMA policy could be a good price with an Elevation Certificate depending on building elevation and foundationn type.
Zones B, C & X
(Medium Risk)
FEMA PRP only: Lowest priced Flood Insurance available.
The Preferred Risk Policy, PRP, has all the FEMA NFIP coverages.
Over 25% of flood losses occur in these medium risk zones.
Anyone near any water should have the safety of a PRP policy.


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